Hybrid operating room

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Hybrid operating room - a single operating room that combines mobile (so-called "hybrid") extra-class imaging equipment, integrated with a multifunctional surgical table and additional equipment according to the profile of the clinic.

Hybrid operating room is:

  • High standards of patient safety;

  • Improving the quality of work of doctors and medical personnel;

  • Flexible approach to the treatment process and great opportunities in choosing medical tactics;

  • The possibility of conducting new high-tech and unique operations, as well as performing two-stage and multi-stage operations in one procedure;

  • Reducing the time of surgical intervention due to accurate planning of the course of the intervention due to additional sources of information and visualization;

  • If necessary, the ability to switch from a minimally invasive procedure to an open abdominal operation;

  • Reduced risk of complications in high-risk patients with comorbidities;

  • Cost reduction due to anesthesia, additional operations, postoperative support and patient rehabilitation.

The future of surgery that is already here now

In today's hybrid operating room, real-time diagnostic imaging can be an advantage for cardiovascular surgery, neurosurgery, oncology, orthopedic surgery, urology and trauma, and other procedures.


The possibilities of a hybrid operating room take surgical care to a whole new level.

One operating room, multiple applications


Cardio and Vascular Surgery

Hybrid revascularization procedures and endovascular techniques reduce complications, especially in high-risk patients.


Solutions used in hybrid operating rooms provide increased precision and reduced stress in neurosurgical procedures.


Clear intraoperative imaging of the tumor improves resection, minimizing damage to healthy tissue and providing better patient outcomes.


  • The possibility of using a hybrid operating room for a variety of interdisciplinary activities and for conventional procedures, which is important for multidisciplinary clinics;

  • The ability to perform several stages or several types of interventions in one procedure makes them versatile and highly cost-effective;

  • Improving treatment outcomes, reducing the risk of complications, reducing the patient's stay in bed in the postoperative period, which also increases the efficiency of the clinic;

  • Improving workflows related to patient transportation/routing within the clinic.

Single space, limitless possibilities

All-in-one integrated solution, which includes the powerful GE Discovery IGS 7 angiography system and the versatile Maquet Magnus hybrid operating table.





As technology advances, so does the number of devices in the operating room that are needed to effectively solve specific problems.


The integration of patient information sources is a key requirement for any modern operating room, especially a hybrid one.


The integration system enables combined tracking of all available information, providing a high level of safety for the patient, as well as remote consultations, training of doctors, and master classes during the operation.

Stages of project development

Project audit and consulting;
Development of the project concept;
Medical and technological design of a robotic operating room;
Preparation of a complex of clean rooms (engineering networks, air preparation systems, power supply / lighting, automation, heat supply and cold supply, enclosing structures) and turnkey medical gas supply;
Equipment supply;
Installation and commissioning of medical and technological equipment;
Staff training;
Warranty and post-warranty technical service.

Examples of project implementation

Neurosurgical hybrid operating room. Emergency Hospital (Semey)
Cardiosurgical hybrid operating room. Hospital of the medical center of the Administration of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Astana)
Neurosurgical hybrid operating room. Emergency Hospital (Semey)
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